Ted Cruz’s response to Kamala Harris’ climate tweet shows how much Dems have learned (or haven’t learned) in four years

One would assume that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would not be ready to immediately revive the reasons why many Americans decided to change course in the White House four years ago. But of course politics keeps reminding us why it cannot be assumed.

Opposition to the Paris Climate Accord, originally signed by the Obama administration, and climate change regulations were some of the driving forces behind President Trump’s support. A duo of tweets over the weekend shows that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to get the US back on track.

In 39 days, the Biden Harris government will rejoin the Paris Agreement and once again lead the world in the fight against the climate crisis.

– Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) December 12, 2020

Obviously, making an agreement is what global leadership is all about.

Under a Biden Harris administration, we will rejoin the Paris Agreement on day one and lead the world in the fight against climate change.

– Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 12, 2020

However, as we know, the next administration will rule the United States. What does the US need? Perhaps more importantly, what does the US not need? Texas Senator Ted Cruz has an answer.

Because that’s exactly what America needs in this economic crisis … more jobs destroyed.

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 13, 2020

Watching Biden and Harris tweet about re-entering the Paris Agreement probably isn’t particularly warm for Americans looking for work.


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