WATCH: Seb Gorka BURNS the crowd on at the Trump March in DC. “We have to make her shake in her Gucci slippers!”

There were several speakers at the various pro-Trump events in Washington today, including Dr. Seb Gorka, who excited the crowd in his remarks. Gorka said it was NOT over.

“They tried to steal that election and if we don’t stop them now we will never stop them,” Gorka said to the chants of “Stop the Steal” from the crowd.

“In the next few weeks you will be sending a very clear message: If any state house in America dares to confirm these fraudulent elections, they will never be re-elected. It’s over, ”he said. “We have to make them shake in their Gucci slippers. We need to worry them that the spirit of 1976 is alive and well. “

“I know one thing, it’s not over yet. It’s not over until January 20th, ”he said, addressing his remarks to“ everyone who is listening to whoever loves this nation and is ready to die for the republic. “

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