Pro-Trump rally in the Colo Capitol: rigged elections in China, USA wage war

(Looks Cold – Funded by Colorado Pols)

A Trump supporter blows a ram’s horn under a pro-militia flag to open the “Stop the Steal” rally on Saturday.

The icy weather didn’t dampen the excitement of the roughly 60 Trump supporters who gathered outside the Colorado Capitol today to support a group that claims China rigged the elections and predicted the U.S. against the Asian Nation will go to war.

The rally is one of dozens of similar events taking place across the country today under the motto “Stop the Steal”. The Denver event is co-branded with the Jericho March religious law (taking place today in Washington, DC) and two pro-Trump groups.

The Supreme Court’s quick denial of the Texas lawsuit yesterday didn’t stop them either, as they again urge the court to “stop the theft,” which appears to mean canceling election results and instructing state lawmakers to elect new voters .

It was sponsored by the brand new Conservative group United States Election Integrity Project (USEIP). Organizer Dave Roach says the group “jumped out of the chaos after the elections”. He admitted that the group is new (their website url was registered on December 4th) and linked to national interests. He told the crowd that the group has grown to over 100 members since its inception.

Participants wore the Trump and Gasden flags “Don’t Tread On Me” and handwritten signs “Stop The Steal” and “Stay In The Fight”. One waved a flag of the three percent militia. The group gathered on the lower landing near Broadway. A pair of women announced the beginning of the event, one played a bugle and the other a shofer, a traditional Jewish wind instrument carved from a ram’s horn.

In front of the crowd, USEIP’s Roach stated that the elections were not fair and that President Trump had been stolen. He noted that while some Trump supporters called for civil war, he didn’t think it was possible because he didn’t believe “fellow Americans” were responsible for falsifying the election. Instead, he blamed China.

Roach claimed without evidence that Chinese money “finances the voting machines” and that there are “reports of hundreds of thousands of ballot papers being forged in China and sent here in swing states”.

“China was behind it all,” said Roach. “It is not our fellow Americans with whom we will be at war – it is China! The Chinese Communist Party is evil! “

Another group of racial justice advocates and Black Lives Matter supporters occupied the upper area, where they called for accountability for the U.S. marshals who shot and killed Ohio-based Casey Goodson, an unarmed black man carrying a bag of sandwiches . The two groups kept each other largely separate, although individuals had some polite conversations.

Roach also says his faction is partially responsible for the Legislative Audit Committee’s hearing on electoral integrity, due to be held at the Capitol on Tuesday morning. He says the group worked with Rep. Kevin Van Winkle (R-Highlands Ranch) to initiate the hearing. A message requesting a comment from Van Winkle was not returned immediately. This article will be updated with each answer.

Several US state Republicans have promoted the hearing as an investigation into possible election fraud. The press release makes explicit reference to the conspiracy theory that the Denver-based Dominion Voting, which made voting machines and software available to almost all Colorado counties and most states in the country, was involved in a conspiracy to win the two national presidential elections To lead presidents. choose Biden as well as local Democratic elections.

USEIP supports the Dominion Voting Conspiracy Theory. USEIP accused USEIP in a letter attacking Colorado GOP chairman Ken Buck and a trio of Republican District officials for holding an electoral panel that concluded that Colorado’s elections were safe and secure she, “to have an orchestrated, coordinated, and manipulative narrative designed to gas light and pacify the people of Colorado. “

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