Take the C&L Poll: Should Trump Be Tried for Hate speech?

Since the early morning of November 4th, Trump has acted like an irritable kid whose parents took away his candy and told him he was sitting in the corner when the results kicked in that changed the course of the presidential election.

Trump reached out to his supporters after seeing the election tumble against him after the Post was tabulated on ballot papers.

“This is a scam among the American public. This is an embarrassment for our country,” said Trump.

“We prepared to win this election, frankly we won this election.”

Trump began his attack on the integrity of our democracy early in the morning that day and has not stopped since.

Republican lawmakers refused to count mail-in ballots prematurely, which resulted in many of the swing states only being counted around 50% when election night turned Wednesday morning.

With Trump attacking all forms of voting that helped protect the public from the pandemic, many Democratic districts and Democratic voters were not counted on election day.

Trump knows this, but his refusal to admit the fact that he was destroyed in the presidential election hasn’t stopped him from fundraising and destroying any community among voters.

Now his Manson cult-like GOP congressional representatives have taken their turn and made the very dangerous and fraudulent allegations that the presidential election was stolen from Trump.

This has never happened in any of our lives.

Letting a seated president lie, spread conspiracy theories and mislead his followers into believing that millions of votes were reliably stolen from him in the swing states as well as Georgia and Arizona in red states, is incomprehensible.

There are pros and cons to indicting a sitting president, but we’ve never seen a president act as openly as a traitor to the constitution.

And for the 126 GOP House officials who joined the idiot lawsuit in Texas trying to get the Supreme Court to overthrow the election, they too are traitors.

All of its legal allies must have their licenses revoked to bring more than 50 frivolous lawsuits to court.

With this in mind, take part in our survey.

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