New Zealand Commission of Inquiry: Police miss mosque terrorists for “inappropriate” focus on jihadist terror

No problem. It’s easy to fix. And nothing could go wrong with the right resources, right? After all, jihadist violence is unnecessary as New Zealand is ready to reject freedom of expression and pass a law that effectively criminalizes criticism of Islam. Once there is no war against those who have already surrendered.

“New Zealand missed the Christchurch killer because they focused too much on Islamic extremism,” 5Pillars, December 9, 2020:

New Zealand security agencies missed the Christchurch Mosque killer because they were too busy focusing on “Islamic extremists,” a Royal Commission of Inquiry found.

The report found that Brenton Tarrant was able to plan, amass, and carry out an arsenal of weapons without attracting the attention of security agencies who had deployed “an inappropriate concentration of resources” to target the to investigate Islamic extremism.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Police Commissioner Andrew Coster apologized for the shortcomings, but the Chair of the Islamic Women’s Council, Aliya Danzeisen, criticized the secrecy of the report, saying that the Muslim community was not being served justice.

Rebecca Kitteridge, director general of SIS, said while no errors were found in government agencies, “many” lessons could be learned and “significant areas” needed to be changed.

She also apologized to the Muslim community after hearing how they felt “targeted by security agencies” or “under suspicion” when they weren’t …

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