The 7th annual Mississippi Book Festival is held at the State Capitol

The 7th annual Mississippi Book Festival is a breeze. It’s slated to take place at the Mississippi State Capitol on August 21, 2021.

According to a statement from Executive Director Holly Lange, the festival’s board of directors voted unanimously to be “on the side of optimism” and to continue the tradition of a live book festival in Jackson.


“Given the uncertainty between now and August next year, we are not one hundred percent sure what the festival will be like, but we are 1000% determined to continue this important cultural experience for our state and beyond,” Lange said in the email.

She added that plans for the festival will likely be smaller than in previous years, but just as good. They plan to take into account the changing times within the pandemic and to distribute people more in new rooms around the Capitol in the next year. They will continue to use the lawn, Galloway Methodist Church, and the surrounding streets to do so.

The festival will continue to record author discussions for online viewing on the festival site after it is completed. However, Lange said it was too early to know whether or not live streaming panels will be available.

“This year has presented us all with many challenges. Our hearts are bent and broken. When we start over in the face of changes in our world, our goal remains the same Рto celebrate books and their authors. On August 21, 2021 we will reconnect as a community and enjoy the experience of hearing from a large group of writers. We hope you will be there for our next literary lawn party! Said Lange.

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