Today the electoral college endorsed the Supreme Court decision to protect our democracy from Trump’s attack campaign in order to destroy it. His allegations of unproven electoral fraud, denigrating state election officials, and encouraging his supporters to deny the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency prove that he couldn’t care less about protecting democracy. His false claim that Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement would lead to violent chaos across America was a distraction from the violent behaviors he wanted to incite his followers if he lost the election.

When the electoral college cast its votes for the next President of the United States, Donald Trump was the only one who believed today’s vote would change the reality that he had lost re-election. Joe Biden received 306 votes on Donald Trump’s 232. Despite his resounding loss, Trump will use this day to continue to instigate violent beliefs and behaviors against election officials, governors, and attorneys general, as well as anyone in a party who utters the words, “The election was fair , you lost.” He is an epic loser who is embarrassed for himself and the country. His campaign to prove that the election was stolen is called “DISINFORMATION FOR DOLLARS ” Scam to fund his post-presidency political agenda and possibly use the money to pay off debt and fund future business ventures.

Throughout the campaign he has warned Americans that under a Biden presidency the country would be full of violence, “never seen before”. What he told his followers in the Code was, “Beware of blacks asking for justice, Democrats want to disappoint the police, and it is acceptable to be violent to defend myself when I don’t win because only me.” Can protect you. Most Americans now realize that Trump is blaming others for whatever he did in order to divert attention and the consequences from him. He is bold and effective in this unethical kind of gas lighting, but the pattern is repetitive, worn and exposed as nothing more than tampering in support of his self-interest.

Violence and aggression are symptoms of Trump’s troubled personality. He is irritable, vengeful, hostile and advocates these traits as acceptable behavior towards his followers when defending himself and his anti-democratic vision of America. He praises our constitution and opposes it when it is on his agenda. Under Trump’s leadership, members of the electoral college were threatened by Trump supporters and accompanied by security forces for fear of violence. This week, there were violent outbreaks of pro-Trump demonstrations and anti-Biden rhetoric for the safety of the new administration.

In addition to concerns about an increase in physical violence against those who oppose Trump, there is concern about the violent opposition to the rule of law that Trumpism is fueling. Trump’s treatment of officials who have refused to deny democracy by taking action to scrap election results almost feels like a Saturday night massacre. Attorney General William Barr, Trump’s legendary boot-licker, resigned today, claiming he would like to spend the vacation with his family.


Since Barr announced that the DOJ had found no significant fraud in the presidential election, Trump has been openly hostile to him. In a really cheesy reality show style, Trump orchestrates a fake “resignation” from Barr a month before his term ends. The move was purely political, with a calculated, vengeful response to Barr’s inability to help him turn the election results in his favor. Even for the corrupt Barr, it went too far to openly reverse the results of a fair democratic election.

The level of anger Trump is showing over the loss of re-election is that of the president and a threat to people’s lives and the stability of our administration. His behavior allows his followers to be violent if he resigns and adds to his legacy of being the most dangerous president in US history.

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