WatchGuard Technologies introduces the new Firebox M4800 and M5800

WatchGuard Technologies recently released the company’s new Firebox M4800 and M5800 appliances. These firewalls provide performance, security, and flexibility for businesses as they are increasingly distributed and more employees work outside of the traditional corporate network.

The Firebox M4800 and M5800

The new Firebox M4800 and M5800 achieve a throughput of 5.2 Gbit / s and 11.3 Gbit / s with activated UTM services. The Firebox M5800 has achieved certified performance results through open, standardized tests developed by NetSecOPEN and adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

In the NetSecOPEN tests, the Firebox M5800 is certified for speeds of up to 4.9 Gbit / s, with all security checks and HTTPS content checks enabled. As WatchGuard’s top performing Firebox appliances, these new models can ensure that users don’t have to choose between throughput and security.

The new M series devices offer flexibility through two available slots for network modules with additional fiber optic and copper connection options (two 40 Gbit fiber optics, four 10 Gbit fiber optics, eight 1 Gbit fiber optics or eight 1 Gbit copper fibers) . The M4800 and M5800 expansion modules are similar to those of the WatchGuard mid-range Firebox Firebox appliances, giving users the flexibility they need to quickly and easily adjust and improve their network security posture over time.

Additional functions

Secure remote access – Usage of the Access Portal – WatchGuard’s clientless VPN service for secure remote access – has increased by over 85% in the past year. With the M4800 or M5800, users can use web browsers to securely connect to web applications, internal applications and third-party Microsoft Exchange services, and to create RDP and SSH sessions for local resources wherever they are.

Cloud-based visibility and management – The WatchGuard cloud platform makes it easy for users to manage these appliances quickly and easily, and provides comprehensive network visibility that enables timely, informed and effective security measures to be taken anytime, anywhere. WatchGuard Cloud offers over 100 dashboards and reports that provide both comprehensive and detailed insights into trends and anomalies. M4800 and M5800 appliances with the Total Security option offer one month of log and report retention at no extra charge.

Automation to the core – The new M-Series appliances are designed for automation, so that both medium-sized companies and IT solution providers can do more with less. WatchGuard’s automated functions make it possible to deploy new appliances from the cloud, block threats, update signatures, detect and kill malware, and optimize management processes.

“A profound change in the past year”

Latest WatchGuard threat intelligence shows that organizations that cannot effectively analyze encrypted traffic miss 54% of inbound attacks, underscoring the need for HTTPS inspection in today’s threat landscape.

“Businesses of all shapes and sizes have undergone a profound transformation over the past year and many have struggled with how best to maintain security from the core network to remote workers and endpoints,” said Brendan Patterson, vice president of product management, WatchGuard .

“The industry-leading speed and performance of our new M-Series appliances, coupled with their simplicity, modularity and affordability, provide our partners and customers with a unified security platform that can adapt to remote work deployments and evolve with business.”

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