The Guardian, Identity Class Champion, not the Working Class?

An interesting blog post here about the Guardian newspaper’s announcement that it would cut its headcount by 180, blaming the continued restructuring of the media market and the severe economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. This criticism of the publication’s much-touted leftist status is not unfounded.

… The Guardian is and has never been a leftist newspaper. It has always been a liberal newspaper and was created to reflect the views of the northern liberals in the 19th century. It had a brief moment in the 1930s when it was lauded by leftists for its coverage of the Spanish Civil War. Since then, the editorial line of the paper has overlapped with the views of large sections of the British left. That doesn’t work anymore About 10 years ago the newspaper decided on a right-wing line …

… The newspaper is dominated by white liberal and right-wing writers like Jonathan Freedland, Marina Hyde, Gaby Hinsliff, Hadley Freeman (who?), Nick Cohen, John Harris, Jessica Elgot, Rafael Behr and Matthew D’Ancona (chairman of the moderate class) Tory Think-Tank, Bright Blue) who opposed Corbyn.

Freeman took part in the so-called Never Again stunt organized by supporters of Luciana Berger, but which looked and felt like a gathering of right-wing white politicians and their media supporters, seeking revenge against not just Corbyn but everyone in the world persecuted abandoned on the basis of weak evidence. Perhaps worse was the view of demonstrators, who had never protested anything in their lives and who went to great lengths to deride protests as a form of “student policy”, that the Labor Party was the greatest reservoir of anti-Semitism in Britain. Ironically, all of these people were content to stand side by side with some of the biggest bigots in Parliament like Ian Paisley Jr.

The Guardian has never supported socialism or the left. It is and always has been a liberal newspaper with a left wing readership that has been bullied, ridiculed, ridiculed, smeared and gas lit over the course of 5 years. This is a paper that many on the left saw an ally before Corbyn became Labor leader and that turned them on in a short time.

There is no doubt that the Guardian’s apparent dislike of the British Labor Party’s leadership during the Jeremy Corbyn era did much to undermine the newspaper’s reputation in the left-wing commentary, a reputation already borne out by years of editorials and opinion pieces in the Blairite style. The publication’s willingness to indulge in an endless stream of hyperbolic complaints and allegations against Corbyn put it in the same camp as the reactionary press in Britain. She highlighted her status as an ideological fellow traveler of the neoliberal center and proclaimed socially progressive views in favor of economically conservative people, advocating identity politics and at the same time despising class politics.

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