Will you tell me again how “staying at home” helps?

OK, on ​​December 3rd, His Majesty the Emperor, the Governor, the Grinch / Scrooge issued California’s newest stay home order. Today is December 17th to 14th later. Now it should be two weeks after exposure to symptoms. So that means we should now start to see the infection rate level off – at least slowing it down a little. Guess – it’s increasing faster and faster. Also note that the infection rate in neighboring states, states with no stay-at-home orders, is exactly the same as in California. The same seems to be true on the east coast. Not to say the infection rate is a good thing, but I’m saying that ordering it at home clearly does absolutely nothing to change it – NOTHING!

So one has to ask, why do we continue to deny people the income, their business, and the simple pleasure of dining and talking (outdoors, socially distant) with good friends at CHRISTMAS !? The Californians owe an explanation, no further * & ^% $ # @ order.

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