Biden could save US taxpayers $ 2.6 billion by stopping Trump’s stupid border wall on Jan. 20, the Army Corps says

President-elect Joe Biden would save American taxpayers $ 2.6 billion if he stopped Trump’s border wall project on Jan. 21 as promised, according to new estimates by the US Army Corps of Engineers. However, the federal government would have to pay about $ 700 million to compensate contractors for stopping work.

Stopping the wall would also stop the further destruction of some of the most spectacular wild places in the border area.

From Josh Dawsey and Nick Miroff of the Washington Post:

The Trump administration received approximately $ 15 billion for the barrier project, enough to complete 738 miles of new fences, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Just under a third of the $ 15 billion was made available by Congress through the standard appropriation process. Trump took over the rest of the Department of Defense’s drug control programs and military construction accounts.

The U.S. Army Corps’ estimates show that on January 21st, $ 3.3 billion of unused funds will be in the project’s accounts. Army Corps officials have held a series of meetings over the past few weeks to discuss how to terminate the contracts – and what can be done legally. and when.

While the Biden administration will have the ability to terminate or change contracts with the construction companies building the barrier, those companies may charge the government “demobilization fees” which include the withdrawal of crews, materials and equipment from the border cover. These fees are estimated to be around $ 700 million.

Read the full Washington Post report: Biden’s order to stop the border wall project would save $ 2.6 billion, Pentagon estimates show

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