Tavcom Training expands its online learning portfolio to include CCTV Control Room and CCTV Legislation courses

Tavcom Training – provider of accredited security systems training courses and part of the Linx International Group – recently announced the addition of two one-day CCTV courses to its online learning platform.

The CCTV Control Room Refresher and CCTV Legislation courses are available with the option of accredited (BTEC) and non-accredited certificates and CPD points.

Tavcom’s CCTV Control Room Refresher and CCTV Legislation Course

The CCTV Control Room Refresher course is ideal for security practitioners who have completed SIA training and want to stay up to date on the ever-changing issues involved in monitoring public spaces.

The course provides insights into the latest surveillance and surveillance techniques, new control room technology, incident and emergency handling, communications, ANPR, exchange of evidence, and security camera codes of conduct and operating procedures, data protection, privacy and legislation.

The CCTV Legislation course provides expert information and guidance on data protection and privacy, including the GDPR and handling requests for access to subjects, Freedom of Information and Human Rights Act, CCTV Codes of Conduct, SIA regulations and licensing laws. The course also covers issues related to evidence gathering, digital archiving, and audit trails.

“Indispensable to have up-to-date working knowledge”

Andrew Saywell, Business Development Manager for Tavcom Training commented, “These two courses are ideal for any security practitioner involved in the use of CCTV. Not only is it important to keep up with the latest control room technology and surveillance techniques, but it is also important to have an up-to-date understanding of what is legal and what is not. “

Saywell added, “As technology evolves, so must regulations and laws. This was made clear when the GDPR was introduced to regulate data protection and, in his last month as security camera officer Tony Porter, shed some light on governance related to the use of facial recognition technology. ”

Both courses are offered through the Tavcom Training online learning platform. This combines presentations, video, and audio to provide an engaging, rewarding, and productive learning experience. Each can be completed in a day or at the learner, with online tutor support available.

Learners can choose to have their education recognized with an accredited BTEC Level 2 Certificate for the CCTV Refresher Course, a BTEC Level 3 Certificate for the CCTV Legislation Course, or the internationally recognized Tavcom Certificate if they are opt for the non-certificate. accredited route. CPD points are available to all learners after completing the training.

These courses can also be taken at the Tavcom Training center in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire. Please visit for more information

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