Nedap starts an OSDP-capable ANPR reader for secure vehicle access

Nedap has updated its ANPR Lumo license plate reader for vehicle access control with the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) in order to ensure greater site security. The ANPR Lumo is one of the world’s first all-in-one license plate recognition systems that is compatible with the OSDP protocol V.2.1.7. The OSDP upgrade in Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera enables access to the vehicle door to be improved in a trustworthy and secure manner. This enables security managers to further improve their site security.

OSDP offers advanced security

For security professionals, a secure facility is a top priority in the world of access control. The introduction of OSDP compliance provides improved security for gate access control solutions in high security applications. OSDP enables extended and secure communication between the reader and the access control, which also supports this protocol. More and more security and access control systems support the OSDP technology.

Nedap’s ANPR Lumo is now compatible with OSDP

The all-in-one license plate camera ANPR Lumo has a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) and integrated software intelligence. It offers the fastest and most accurate recognition of license plates in the range of 2 to 10 meters, even with fast traffic flows. Thanks to the intelligent learning algorithms of the ANPR Lumo, both IR-reflective and non-reflective signs as well as standard and user-defined license plate formats can be read reliably. ANPR Lumo is now compatible with OSDP V.2.1.7. The main advantages of using OSDP-enabled license plate recognition in physical access control systems are:

Extended Security: OSDP supports the Secure Channel Protocol (128-bit AES encryption) and therefore enables increased security. This protocol is essential for the data exchange between the license plate reader and the controller panel of a third party.

Time saving and cost reduction during installation: OSDP supports easy installation and inexpensive installation of ANPR Lumo. Less cabling is required and greater cable spacing can be implemented. Simplified project deployments result in a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Open industry standard: OSDP is an open industry standard that creates more flexibility. It offers standardized communication and offers security experts the opportunity to create flexible and scalable ANPR system integrations.

Bidirectional communication: OSDP uses bi-directional communication between the reader and the controller so that ANPR Lumo readers can be configured and managed remotely in real time.

“The awareness of OSDP as a more secure communication protocol compared to traditional protocols is growing. OSDP is adopted by more security professionals and recommended to set the installations for access control. We are excited about this OSDP upgrade, which makes ANPR Lumo one of the world’s first license plate recognition systems for vehicle access control applications that require greater security. In addition, we are pleased to offer system integrators a full range of OSDP-compatible RFID and ANPR long-haul automatic vehicle identification solutions to help them identify the best product applications for their projects, ”said Ido Wentink, Proposition Manager at Nedap Identification Systems.

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