No dr Jill Biden isn’t particularly educated

Illegitimate, unworthy, arrogant, whore. Like clockwork, a new Democratic government faces a Republican party that is being revived in the face of the prospect of demonizing another Democratic woman and her husband.

It is a process that for over thirty years has refined attacks against Bill and Hillary Clinton and made them an art form against Michelle and Barack Obama. Make the attack personal and lie often for the best part to delegitimize.

Al Gore became a liar, John Kerry Effete, Barack Obama a Muslim, and Joe Biden a senile old man who stole an election. And women are an even juicier target. In the 1990s, Hillary Clinton was a lesbian commie murderer; Then in 2016 she was a dishonest and “over-prepared” warmonger. And Elizabeth Warren was too focused on substance and inauthenticity, while Kamala Harris was both too serious AND laughed too much.

And last but not least, it’s the children. Chelsea Clinton was a dog, Joe Biden’s son a thief, and the Obama’s daughter a Floozie.

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What brings us to the Bidens. This week, with the kind permission of the GOP mob, we learned that First Lady -elect Dr. Jill Biden is an over-trained snob and that incoming White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon is a pussy with a bad mouth. Biden outraged Republicans for doing her PhD and O’Malley Dillon for calling Congressional Republicans “a bunch of fuckers” (although she said so in the context of the argument that working with Republicans is still a laudable goal).

The Republican noise machine was absolutely dead. GOP Congressmen who had spent the past four years defending Trump’s bigotry and rudeness with a bad mouth suddenly were Miss Manners’ police force and asked O’Malley Dillon to apologize (which she did). But Dr. Jill Biden was her real prize. What better way to undermine the new president than to demonize your wife? This time, however, they chose a strange source of criticism: their doctorate.

The arriving first lady has a PhD in education and would rather “Dr. Biden “in a professional environment. It was bad enough for the GOP that Biden was an educated woman, but to ask for that fact to be recognized was too broad a diploma. The re-education of Dr. Biden began with an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Joseph Epstein:

Madame First Lady – wife. Biden-Jill-Kiddo: A few pieces of advice on what might seem small, but I think that’s not an unimportant matter. Any chance that you will find the “Dr.” before your name “DR. Jill Biden” sounds and feels deceitful, not to mention a touch comic. I believe your degree is an Ed.D., a PhD in Education, graduated from the University of Delaware through a dissertation with the A wise man once said no one should call themselves “Dr.” unless they have given birth. Think about it after, Dr. Jill, and drop the doctor at once.

Next up was Fox News, hosted by Dr. Biden referred to as “borderline illiterate”:

And in order not to be outdone, the National Review dedicated its entire homepage to the attack on the arriving first lady seven articles question their education:

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