ADL defiles enemies of jihad terror as “Islamophobes” and is canceled as “anti-Muslim” anyway

My newest in PJ Media:

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the leader of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), wrote a defensive in the forward on Wednesday and complained about the culture of rejection. The ADL, which has strayed far from its declared mission to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people and ensure justice and fair treatment for all” and for years acted zealously in the culture of annulment, has suddenly regained respect for the freedom of language and the common decency not to demonize opposing viewpoints as evil and only to silence? No, but it does get a taste of the medicine it has been using for so many years to stigmatize and marginalize enemies of jihadist terror and shows again that the left elite is never content with anything other than absolute adherence to their agenda will be.

Beginning with a striving to proclaim that the ADL is “one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the Jewish community,” Greenblatt tries to find a tone of sweet sanity and insists that “even on the pages we are not used to criticism are one of America’s oldest Jewish news agencies. “

Now, however, something has happened that even the holy Greenblatt with its usual manic stoicism cannot ignore: “But the OpEd of Salam Al-Marayati, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which the Forward published on Tuesday morning, I have shed light on how certain areas of our society are desperately trying to use the culture of abandonment to silence others. “

What was that? The organization that produces articles with titles like “Islamophobes Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic with Anti-Muslim Bigotry” discovered the evils of abandonment culture? It seems incredible, but at least as far as it is true. Greenblatt continues: “In this case, the author seeks to marginalize ADL and assist the disqualifying State of Israel in pursuing civil rights for all Americans, including the Muslim-American community. Al-Marayati argues that ADL is a source of “anti-Muslim” rhetoric and is not fully trustworthy because of our support for the Jewish state as an ally in the fight for civil rights. Greenblatt laments that a “common tactic in a smear campaign” is to “narrow a broader argument … into a singular, unsubstantiated claim.”

Oh, you mean by saying that “American anti-Muslim ideologues are spreading a series of conspiracies designed to instill fear, claiming Muslims defy social distancing rules and / or are actively trying to spread the virus”? The ADL article contains so many unsubstantiated allegations that even al-Marayati would be in awe. First, there is the ADL, who are enemies of jihadist violence and Sharia repression as “anti-Muslim ideologues” smeared. In addition, news coverage is characterized as “spreading a series of conspiracies intended to stir up fear”. Then there is the smear of me as a “leading anti-Islamic and right-wing conspiracy theorist”, a language that closes any honest discussion or debate because the goal has at first sight been excluded from the boundaries of acceptable discourse.

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