For some reason, this ambulance is only sniffing 49-year-old Marco Rubio for getting the vaccine and not 31-year-old AOC

Jeremy Faust, a Boston ambulance doctor, berated 49-year-old Marco Rubio for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine so people would know he is safe if he has not yet received a dose himself:

I am an emergency doctor and, despite trying, I have not yet been vaccinated.

– Jeremy Faust MD MS (Emergency Doctor) (@jeremyfaust) December 20, 2020

Remember, he specifically calls the Florida Republican because of his age:

Marco is 49 years old for the recording.

Elizabeth Warren (also with pictures of vaccinations on Twitter) is 71 years old.

There’s only a small difference in risk folks.

– Jeremy Faust MD MS (Emergency Doctor) (@jeremyfaust) December 20, 2020

Boy it’s really weird that he doesn’t say anything about 31-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting the shot for the same reason:

What a scam:

Did you also comment that @AOC is receiving the vaccine?

She is younger than @marcorubio.

You are a scam

– Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) December 20, 2020


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