Ill and tired

Oh, just shut up, you useless waste of space.

He doesn’t care what you think. You can berate him for a thousand years and he won’t listen. You gave him his choice and he got a majority and England chose his destiny and there is nothing we can do to stop them from dragging us because you wasted the last four years trying to get over it whine instead of doing that We chose you to do what gives us responsibility for our own future forever.

Now either take off your worthless coward’s ass and do the only thing actually in your power – a referendum – instead of standing on the world stage and doing absolutely anything but getting your face back in the press, or get out of our dam way and let someone who can do the job do the work.

(PS which includes dealing with the pandemic you make a pig’s ass out of too, but gosh, doesn’t everyone love how telegenic you portray the thousands of unnecessary deaths? New Zealand just had 20- FIVE with almost the same population, because their leader had the guts to make the tough calls that you didn’t make because the selfie queen can’t stand being unpopular.)

And no, we didn’t drink. Not a drop. We have just enough.

Print kindly

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