Newslinks for Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas canceled due to billowing “mutated coronavirus”

“Christmas plans for millions of families were in chaos last night after tighter coronavirus restrictions were put in place to contain a more infectious strain of the virus. Boris Johnson revealed Tier 4 restrictions for London, the South East and parts of East England that prevent 16.4 million people from mixing indoors during the holiday season. The decision to abolish the planned relaxation of the Covid rules for Christmas was attributed to the spread of the mutant strain, which has increased infection rates. Ministers have alerted the World Health Organization to the outbreak and expect other countries to prevent UK residents from crossing their borders. It is believed that the VUI2020 / 12/01 strain is responsible for the majority of new infections in London, where intensive care units are already at full or almost full capacity and the non-essential outpatient care is being discontinued. “- Sunday Times


London stations “like a war zone” as thousands race to flee the capital – Sun on Sunday “Thousands” swear to ignore new rules – Post on Sunday disruption bans between Scotland and the rest of the UK – Sunday Telegraph High Street moved several Billion pound punch – So on Sunday

> Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Johnson – “When science changes, we have to change our response.” It’s a new lockdown for much of the southeast.

Pfizer’s UK Covid vaccine will be depleted in weeks with no new supplies by March, warns Hunt

“The UK Pfizer Covid vaccine will be used up in weeks – with no new inventory by March, warned Jeremy Hunt today. Mr Hunt claimed today that vaccine supplies would only last until the end of January with the hope that by then we will have the Oxford / Astrazeneca push to cover the deficit. Speaking to the Today program, Hunt said, “It’s going to make a big difference (the Oxford jab being introduced) as the doses we have of the Pfizer vaccine will keep us going through January, and I think , we only received another delivery in March. If we could have the Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine up and running by January, we could continue rolling out at the current pace. “But Pfizer today insisted that deliveries are on schedule and proceed according to the agreed schedule. “- So on Sunday

Injections will run next week if hopes rise that the Oxford formula will be approved within days – Sunday Times Labor and unions criticize Hancock for delays in the NHS raise – The Observer


The vaccine is not going to save us from the effects of oppressive government policies – Jonathan Sumption, Sun on Sunday

> Today: Mario Creatura in the comment: A pandemic pregnancy – and the stress, fear and guilt of being excluded from my wife’s side in the hospital.

Tories threaten revolts if they don’t vote on the new Covid-19 lockdown

“Senior Conservative MPs have urged Boris Johnson to establish a” clear exit strategy “from the” nightmare cycle “of Covid-19 restrictions as they signaled they could rebel over the latest measures after 16.4 million people have moved into a new beast 4, Mark Harper, chairman of the Covid Recovery Group, urged ministers to start creating a “clear roadmap” for “normal life” in the New Year, given the Christmas plans for people across the country, he said that the introduction of coronavirus vaccines must be closely tied to the easing of restrictions, with relief taking place at every stage of the vaccination program. The former chief whip also called for recent changes to the rules to be put to the vote in parliament at the “earliest possible moment” even if this meant that the MPs were ready for the We they were called back at night. “- Sunday telegraph


Police patrol train stations to prevent passengers from escaping Tier 4 … – Sunday Times … but say Tier 4 rules don’t make sense – So on Sunday


We need to know how many lives the lockdown will destroy – Mark Harper and Steve Baker, Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday: ToryDiary: Emergency Agents and Postal Voting: How the Government Wants to Ensure Local Elections take place in May

Tim Shipman: Cavalier Johnson is now a sad, sober roundhead

“During yesterday’s press conference # 10, there was a moment when Johnson started shaking his head, stumbled over his words and could hardly believe what he was saying,” With a very heavy heart, I have to tell you that we are not going any further can Christmas as planned … [and] People are not allowed to break the rules at New Year. “The Prime Minister’s refusal to use an Autocue meant his face was literally downcast as he took notes. Last week, Johnson declared such a move “inhuman” and ridiculed Sir Keir Starmer for suggesting it. Yesterday he said, “If the virus changes its method of attack, we need to change our method of defense.” It wasn’t exactly, “We’re going to fight on the beaches …” The most bullish and lively politician I know has been turned into a Cromwellian Roundhead by the privateer Cavalier. “- Sunday Times

Prime Minister had no choice but to tighten restrictions – Paul Nuki, Sunday Telegraph It was herd thinking that left the West defenseless against Covid – Matthew Syed, Sunday Times Climbdown is a disaster for his personal credibility – Ross Clark, Sunday Telegraph New Coronavirus Tribe Is The Biggest Before Christmas Nightmare Imaginable – Simon Clarke, Sun on Sunday Crisis Uncovered Johnson’s Mistake As Leader – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer The Eleventh Hour Of The Christmas Bomb Has Shattered The Country’s Goodwill – Judith Woods, Sunday Telegraph


How many times do we have to suffer this blackout of light with Covid-19 restrictions? – Mail am Sonntag A monumental U-turn that devastates us all – Sunday Telegraph Johnson belatedly did the right thing at Christmas – Sunday Times

The UK and EU can negotiate “mini” deals to ease the chaos of no-deals, says Gove

“The UK and the European Union can agree on a number of ‘unilateral’ mini-deals to ease the chaos if a trade deal cannot be reached by the end of this month,” said Michael Gove. It’s also “realistically” unlikely to see a trade deal signed until after Christmas, Gove said, which means MPs will likely vote on a deal just hours before the end of the Brexit transition period. Any teething problems at the border in the event of a non-negotiated trade deal would “normalize relatively early in the new year,” he said. Mr Gove also stated that the UK and EU could be as close as the UK and US after the transition period, describing this as a new “special relationship” with the remaining 27 EU member states. “- Sunday Telegraph Johnson warns that Brussels needs to get real and make some sense of post-Brexit fishing requirements. – The fight in Brussels explodes on Sundays when the EU fisheries chiefs attack Barnier’s Brexit sell-off. – Sunday Express Macron is keeping an eye on presidential elections as crackdown on EU deal – Sunday Times UK is not ready for no deal, says Brexit selection committee – The Observer


Johnson would regret trying to get Parliament to come to a deal – Mark Francois, Daily Telegraph

> Today: ToryDiary: It’s hard to see how a recalled parliament would now have had time to properly review a Brexit trade law

> Yesterday: David Gauke’s column: Whether there is a deal or not, Brexit is still not going through

Row as Johnson ally “standing in line for top job at Office for Students”

“Boris Johnson’s Tory Leadership Campaign Manager has been named the government’s preferred candidate to take on a leadership role in an independent watchdog tasked with regulating universities. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said James Wharton, a former Tory MP who led Johnson’s campaign to succeed Theresa May as party leader in 2019, would give “strategic direction” to the post of chairman of the Office for Students (OfS). But Labor questioned Lord Wharton’s qualifications for the role he can play after his nomination was confirmed by the Education Selection Committee and he was appointed by the OfS Board. However, there seems to be little on his résumé that is specific to the role in the UK Independent Regulator of Higher Education. The organization also describes its role as an advocate for equality and diversity. ” – The Observer

Starmer ‘caves to Sturgeon when he promises more devolution’

“Keir Starmer gave in to Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for Scottish independence when his plan to promise more decentralization was exposed. The Labor leader will announce his plans to undermine the prime minister in a keynote address on Monday. He will say that the party’s next manifesto will contain a power-gain program “to move as much power as possible away from Westminster”. This contradicts Mr Johnson’s insistence that Westminster will not support Scotland’s Second Independence Law as the First Minister continues to urge Scotland to have more power and control over the rest of the UK. Sir Keir will add that he is offering “a positive alternative to the Scottish people” while “maintaining and renewing the UK”. His speech will be the first on the Union issue as he will set the tone for the party’s campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections next year, as well as across the UK. “- The Sunday Express Labor Chairman will deliver a keynote address – The Observer – announcing plans to move power away from Westminster

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