Promises made during Trump’s tenure were kept

A retrospective of President Donald Trump’s four years in office needs to be put into perspective of what he himself promised when it ran: Make America Great Again.

Of course, to answer the question one has to define what makes America great and ask how far Trump put the nation on the path to that goal.

If, like me, you believe America is great, that it has to be a free nation under God, that this is the core of what makes the nation prosperous and moral, I think Trump’s achievements were significant.

Perhaps the greatest paradox of this election is the Gallup poll, conducted in September, which asked whether registered voters are “doing better now” than they were four years ago.

The 56% who answered yes was the highest percentage of any president who ran for re-election since the question was asked in 1984 when Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984. On that basis, we would have expected Trump to be re-elected in a landslide.

I would list the key achievements of the Trump presidency under three headings: economic reforms that restored robust economic growth; Appoint federal judges across the country up to the Supreme Court who will restore conservative federal justice; and the achievement of a new peace in the Middle East that seemed out of reach for anyone.

Another crucial point is that Trump policies have been a boon to American minorities. Despite the success of left-wing demagogues in portraying the Trump presidency as racist, the facts show that the truth is just the opposite.

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act encouraged economic growth the nation hadn’t seen in years.

This was further supported by deregulation. Tax cuts and deregulation to restore the global competitiveness of the American economy and restore investment-friendly conditions resulted in employment growth and an unemployment rate of 3.5% that nobody believed possible.

And as the Wall Street Journal reports, “Average full-time weekly earnings for blacks rose 19% to $ 806 in Mr. Trump’s first three years. This followed 11% growth in the seven years in office following Obama’s recession. “

According to the Federal Reserve’s 2019 Consumer Finance Survey, the largest growth in household wealth from 2016 to 2019 was in households with the lowest 20% of income, which is 34.3%.

The median household income of blacks rose 7.9% in 2019, the largest annual increase in history.

And in 2019, the percentage of black households earning over $ 75,000 (29.4%) exceeded the percentage below $ 25,000 (28.7%) for the first time.

With the confirmation of Trump’s most recent Supreme Court nomination, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, we now have a Supreme Court with a solid Conservative majority of 6-3.

This in the overall context of 220 federal judges appointed by Trump that create a strong conservative legal basis for our free nation under God.

Despite what the Liberals have said, this is hugely important to minority Americans. An example is the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year in the Espinoza v Montana case, which found the state’s ban on using public funds for scholarships to attend private religious schools (known as the Blaine Amendment) to be unconstitutional. This is a school choice boon that poor and low-income Americans desperately need.

And of course, having a conservative court increases the ability to stop the abortion slaughter that is ravaging black America.

Trump’s courage to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shone light worldwide. And now we see new peace agreements between Israel and Arab and Muslim nations that no one ever thought was possible.

This is called leadership.

Despite the noise and distortions from the left, the facts say Trump went a long way to make America great again.


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