Beautiful time! Statue of American hero Barbara Johns to replace racist traitor in US Capitol

Well-known traitor and professional war loser Robert E. Lee is no longer welcome at the US Capitol. Lee’s statue was removed from the building’s crypt on Monday morning. The “but our (white) story!” The crowd should be content to know that Lee’s statue is going to commit treason on a farm upstate, or more precisely the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

Last night, Virginia removed its statue of Robert E. Lee from the US Capitol. This is an important step forward … https://t.co/PGfTSY8ukU

– Ralph Northam (@Ralph Northam) 1608557207.0

House of Representatives David McEachin and Jennifer Wexton of Virginia released a joint statement Monday declaring the removal of Lee’s statue a “historic and long overdue moment for our Commonwealth”.

From Politico:

“The Robert E. Lee statue honors a legacy of division, oppression and racism – a dark time in the history of our Commonwealth and our country,” they said. “There’s no reason his statue should be one of the two that Virginia represents in the US Capitol.”

Lee was a garbage man who would separate enslaved families if he didn’t submit them – or rather ordered them to be beaten. He was too lazy even for that amount of physical work.

He also claimed absurdly and grotesquely that white people suffered more from slavery than the black people who were enslaved against their will. If he felt this strong for it, Lee was welcome to act.

GENERAL RACIST ASSHOLE: However, I think it is a greater evil for the white man than it is for the black race, and while my feelings are heavily used for the latter, my sympathies for the former are stronger. The blacks are morally, socially and physically immeasurably better here than in Africa. The painful discipline they go through is necessary in their teaching as a race, and I hope to prepare them and lead them to better things. How long their submission may be necessary is known and ordained by a wise, merciful providence. Their emancipation will result from the mild and melting influence of Christianity rather than the storms and storms of fiery controversy.

The removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee and its imminent replacement with a tribute to Barbara Johns from Virginiā€¦ https://t.co/gLFKdnKdGu

– Nancy Pelosi (@ Nancy Pelosi) 1608563868.0

Last week, a commission appointed by the Virginia General Assembly this year recommended that Lee’s statue be replaced with a real American heroine, Barbara Johns.

The civil rights activist started her greatness early on. When she was a 16-year-old student at Robert Russa Moton High School in Farmville, Virginia in 1951, she dared to call shit about the segregated and unequal school conditions and resources that black students endured. Her sister Joan Johns Cobb stated:

The school we went to was overcrowded. As a result, the county decided to build three tar paper huts for teaching. A tar paper hut looks like a rundown black building that resembles a chicken coop on a farm. It’s very unsightly. In winter the school was very cold. And often we had to put on our jackets.

Now the students closest to the wood stove were very warm, and those furthest away were very cold. And I remember that I was often cold and I sat in the classroom with my jacket on. When it rained we got water through the ceiling. So there were a lot of buckets in the classroom. And sometimes we had to raise our umbrellas to keep the water off our heads. It was a very difficult environment to learn.

And I remember we always talked about how bad the conditions were, but we didn’t know what to do about it. One day my sister and a group of students she had chosen decided to do something about it.

Meanwhile, the small town of Farmville was educating white students in America.

Fed up, Johns bravely led 450 classmates on a two-week strike. They stretched out the school inside and outside with signs that read: “We want a new school or none at all” and “Down with tar paper huts”. These are both evergreen feelings.

Years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott or Greensboro Sit-Ins, Barbara Johns ran her entire all-black high school … https://t.co/8o2BYS4MQp

– Kamala Harris (@Kamala Harris) 1580751722.0

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund later filed a lawsuit on behalf of the students calling for the schools to be integrated. This student protest was the source of litigation that was combined three years later with five other cases, such as Brown v Board of Education, that even new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett probably thinks was right if you did turn her arm.

Despite his privileged existence, Robert E. Lee still waged a bloody war against his homeland. Johns grew up in a land she barely considered human, but she believed in the nation’s potential and helped change the world for all Virginians.

Unfortunately, Johns died in 1991 and won’t see that well-deserved honor, but as many of us will say on January 20th, better late than never.

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