Don’t laugh at Lauren Boebert’s latest

As readers know, we have started a recurring series of posts that we call out “Deep Thoughts from Lauren Boebert” Passing some of the more bizarre utterances of Colorado’s newest Republican member of Congress to posterity before they are erased or otherwise lost in the noise. Rep-.elect Boeberts… a unique mixture of homemade openness and susceptibility to any nutty distraction that is broadcast on Newsmax or TOTALLY BY COINCIDENCE. The theme of the latest “Q-Drop” makes it likely that we’ll be doing a lot of deep thoughts in the next two years.

However, this morning we’re putting our humor aside because it’s actually not funny at all.

If the vaccine is successful, will the survival rate increase from 99% to 99.8%?

– Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) December 22, 2020

GOP CD-3 candidate Lauren Boebert, pork pusher.

First and foremost, Boebert’s assumption is factually incorrect. The overall death rate from COVID-19 infections in the US is around 1.8%. To date, that’s 319,827 American deaths for a total of just over 18 million confirmed cases.

We know indignation is the rule today, but what kind of person jokes 319,827 Americans dead? Earlier this month, there was Boebert’s interview with Colorado Public Radio, in which she airily stated that health care workers had “signed up” for a disaster caused by public disregard for public health regulations – almost as bad as that. maybe worse, depending on your personal point of view. Boebert said at the time that she had not made up her mind whether to get the vaccination for which she was a priority as a member of Congress.

This seems to suggest that she decided to do it anyway.

The only thing we can perhaps say in Boebert’s defense is that her unassigned tweet seems to copy an even more false observation by the far-right “comic”. Chad Pratherswhose bad parody “Friends in Safe Spaces” (don’t look at it, it’s awful) made him a little hit on the MAGA tour set:

How do we know the vaccine is working? Will the survival rate increase from 99.7% to 99.8%?

– Chad Prather (@WatchChad) December 18, 2020

Since we have to repeat way too often these days, it is one thing for a comedian to say something outrageous, wrong, and stupid. It’s much worse when a member of Congress from Colorado says so, or at least it should be Coloradans. Republican politicians who downplayed the pandemic from the start and are now using their vaccination appointments as photo op have received well-deserved criticism this week, but what Boebert has done here is probably the only thing that could be worse.

Especially since Lauren Boebert, as always, doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

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