Attorney General Bill Barr, Justice Warrior

WASHINGTON – The usual critics have spent the past two years condemning Attorney General Bill Barr as a shameless lackey in the service of President Donald Trump. So it should come as no surprise that the rattling class continued to call him even as Barr announced his resignation on Monday.

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus condemned Barr’s “resignation letter” and her colleague Robin Givhan dismissed it as “a gray lump” and “Trump’s bunker.”

Fortunately for Barr, those barbs mean nothing. This is not the second time he has taken on the role of attorney general – he first served under President George HW Bush – to make friends. Barr came in to correct a Justice Department injustice: an investigation into Trump based on misinformation.

I have long believed that on January 6, 2017, when FBI Director James Comey revealed an investigation into Russian interference brought up through “strong and unverified material” in the 2016 election, it was Trump’s view of federal justice, and even before Trump took the oath of office.

Barr wrote in his resignation letter to this end: “Your 2016 victory speech, in which you turned to your opponents and called for cooperation for the good of the American people, was immediately hit by a partisan attack against you, in which no tactic, no matter how Abusive and fraudulent, was out of bounds. The essence of this campaign was to cripple, if not suppress, your government with furious and unfounded allegations of collusion with Russia. “

Barr did not return to do the same to President-elect Joe Biden that Comey and his company did to President-elect Trump, even if Trump wanted to. Barr wasn’t a wingman.

Barr conducted a two-year tax investigation of son Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign. Trump made his anger over the decision clear when he tweeted Thursday, “Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth about Hunter Biden to the public before the election?”

Christopher Steele’s weak “dossier”, which it turned out to be funded with Democratic money, was first published in October 2016.

Instead, it was Hunter Biden and the Biden transition team who revealed the investigation on December 9th.

Barr never showed the hunger that many partisans in both parties show to imprison members of the other party who cross the borders.

“There is a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as some sort of standard panacea,” Barr told The Associated Press when there may be no crime to be investigated.

Barr dropped charges against Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Yes, Flynn pleaded guilty twice before withdrawing his guilty admission. But the case against the retired Army Lieutenant General was, as Barr said at the time, a “perjury trap”.

Barr also said during the AP interview on Dec. 1, “To date, we have not seen any fraud on the scale that would affect any other election result.”

Barr certainly knew that rejecting Trump’s claims, which he had lost only because of massive election fraud, would end with his resignation. The attorney general stood up for Trump when Trump was wrong, but refused to back up Trump’s false claim because it was wrong. For Trump it was unforgivable.

Yes, Barr’s letter began by thanking Trump for allowing Trump to review “election fraud allegations” on Monday. This opening did not ring the bell of December 1st. It assured the public that the Justice Department was investigating the allegations rather than rejecting them without an inspection. It is blanket layoffs of fraud – as if it would never happen – that have aroused public suspicions.

At the end of the day, Barr showed how to do it. And Trump couldn’t do anything but wish him well instead of firing him via Twitter.


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