Sports: McKenzie, Morrison, Gaetjens and the questions left behind

While Crikey has reconstructed the sports affair, a few key voices are still missing. Here are the questions that are still open.

Phil Gaetjens, Scott Morrison and Bridget McKenzie (Images: AAP)

Over the past few weeks we’ve put together an oral reconstruction of the sports affair that you can read here. And if there is one thing that shows through, it is that no one is willing to take responsibility or answer questions about that matter.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has maintained from the start that there is nothing to see here and if it was good it was then then Sports Secretary Bridget McKenzie’s fault.

McKenzie himself was mostly MIA. At first she denied any wrongdoing, resigned because of a membership in the gun club and appeared to blame her employees for the funding decisions, but without facing the Senate investigation.


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