CUNY is furious that social media giants dropped the event with a terrorist

My newest in PJ Media:

It’s 2020 and terrorists have their say: Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom have refused to host a virtual event with a terrorist, and City University of New York (CUNY) officials are outraged.

As we see practically every day today, the left is not bound by the rules it makes for everyone else. And so, on the college campus, having a pro-American, pro-Israeli, pro-Trump spokesman shouted down, canceled, or even physically assaulted, is a justified, fully justified response to the speaker’s (or whatever) monstrous racism becomes the notion of the art of the moment) and an effort to protect the marginalized students on campus (i.e. those who all give shots) from the victim of Redneck MAGA Yahoo! But on the rare occasion a left speaker is canceled, it’s an outrageous, unacceptable, hair-raising, nasty interference with academic freedom that the left suddenly love and cherish after trampling the other 364 days the following year. This is what is going on at CUNY these days.

JNS.org reported Friday that CUNY has just “passed a resolution rebuking the censorship of a virtual incident involving a documented Palestinian terrorist several months ago.” The International Committee of the CUNY Professional Staff Congress (PSC) passed the resolution protesting the decision of Zoom, Facebook and YouTube to hold an event entitled “Whose Stories? Gender, Justice and Resistance: A Conversation with Leila Khaled. “

As a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Marxist group that works hand in hand with Palestinian jihadist terrorists and has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United States, Khaled played a pivotal role in two airplane hijackings. “The Jerusalem Post reported that Khaled” hijacked El Al Flight 219 on September 6, 1970, “and that the San Francisco State University (SFSU), which actually hosted the web event,” had previous requests to withdraw the invitation, including one Application, rejected by Rodney Khazzam, a passenger on Flight 219 who nearly lost his life when Khaled tried to detonate a grenade while the plane was in the air. “

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