Christmas is here and it’s not “virtual”

In some parts of the country they have tried to keep it from coming – like the Grinch who pillages Whoville, they have done their best to hold it back. But it’s here anyway. The courts are lifting ecclesiastical restrictions left and right, and smart churches had outdoor services everywhere last night.

Here’s the thing – Christmas is a meaty affair. God became flesh. A light came into our darkness and it was fleshy. As Isaiah said, “There will be no end to the exaltation of his government or of peace.”

Some of my friends believe I was ripped off the pandemic a bit because I refused to participate in the Bible study through any of the available online platforms. But here’s the thing – if the virtual presence were appropriate, there would be no Christmas. If God wanted to save us through telepresence, our salvation would be in Zoom, not Christ. God chose a time in history when there was no telegraph, no telephone, no television, and no internet. God chose a time in history to save THE WORLD when even the much-cursed Roman road system covered only a small part of the world. The good news of Jesus came to us from people chosen by Christ himself. Jesus didn’t even leave any scriptures behind.

Meat is important – presence is important. So I don’t believe that we can share God without a carnal presence. That’s how God wanted us to pass on His good news.

What bothered me most here in covid, paranoid California was that so many people came to look at other people as if they were defined by the disease. It’s dehumanizing. That is why meat is important. God came to make us fully human and not to reduce us to disease carriers or anything other than what we were created to do.

Christmas is about God incarnating – becoming flesh – so that we can discover all of humanity that we lost in autumn. God came to redeem not only our souls but also our flesh. Let us strive to celebrate Christmas in the coming year by discovering humanity and not hiding from it.

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