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Do you think you would pass the newly revised US citizenship test? Find out here

A leading expert on immigration policy stated last month The suspicion that U.S. citizenship and immigration authorities made the changes to trip applicants was spot on.

“Some of the questions were made explicitly more difficult – although there is no evidence that the old test wasn’t challenging enough, ”said the policy advisor to the American Immigration Council Aaron Reichlin-Melnick wrote.

He notes that a Biden administration could easily revert the changes (although the same cannot be said of some of them Hundreds of other changes the Trump administration did). The problem, of course, was never that the test was too easy for immigrants. It was more that deliberate sabotage from the administration This makes it difficult for immigrants to naturalize.

Now add the US citizenship test to this list. Click here to test your knowledge and see if you would pass the revised test and share your results below.

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