Holiday Brief: Singh says Trudeau is trying to run for election

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Good morning and happy holidays.

– – In the latest election speculation news from the minority parliament, NDP Chairman Jagmeet Singh accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of seeking an excuse to vote, Reports HuffPost. This came after Trudeau suggested that the opposition parties disagree with his post-pandemic recovery plans: “If we get through this pandemic and have talks about how to better deconstruct and how to move forward for a strong economy, we know that the parties are.” disagree, “said the Prime Minister, whom Singh countered:” The framework he is trying to build is selfish. It’s not exactly. Your stated topics – we agree to these things. “

– – Canadian anti-hate organizations want Ottawa to consider who is eligible for COVID aid After a self-described white nationalist received grants for two of his groups, CBC reports.

– – Vice Admiral Art McDonald, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy Jonathan Vance will succeed Canada’s new chief of defense, the prime minister announced at a COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday, ending months of speculation. Trudeau said last week that some of the new defense chief’s top priorities will be to tackle right-wing extremism and white supremacy in the Canadian military.

– – IPolitics’ Janet Silver caught up with Maverick Party leader Jay Hill, who says he doesn’t have an ax against Tory leader Erin O’Toole, but a message for him: “History repeats itself and he should see what lies ahead by 1993.”

– – It’s the season and even Canada’s party leaders have to think about what they would give their parliamentary counterparts. From our vacation magazine: Erin O’Toole would give Justin Trudeau a sapling “so that he can plant at least one of his two billion trees this year.” Trudeau replied to O’Toole with “an invitation to Toronto Pride, a snout for Derek Sloan, and a permanent lease for Stornoway”.

– – The Canadian Society of Microbiologists says that while the pandemic poses hurdles to teaching in the classroom and laboratory, it also creates an opportunity for innovation in the classroom This could lead to an interesting legacy following the COVID curriculum. Here’s more in her piece for us: Finding the Silver Lining of a Global Pandemic.


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– – Donald Trump apologized for another 26 people, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former advisor Roger Stone, not to mention Jared Kushner’s father Charles. This step effectively removes important beliefs in the Russia / election investigation. More are expected in the coming days.

– – Trump threatens congressional COVID relief bill elsewhere (now months too late). It does so because he vetoed a $ 740 billion defense bill over restricting troop withdrawal and renaming military bases named after Confederate leaders. He has addressed the very real and sudden prospect of a government shutdown during the pandemic.

– – After months of fighting, Boris Johnson announced that his country had finally signed a Brexit trade agreement with the EU, just a week before the deadline. Both sides had tried to work out last minute details and fishing quotas proved to be the final sticking point. Johnson called it a “comprehensive Canadian-style deal between the UK and the EU”. Opinion polls in the UK suggest voters remain divided on Brexit – but if they had to vote again they would likely choose to stay out

– – Elsewhere: Israel faces its third national lockdown. China has launched an anti-monopoly investigation against tech giant Alibaba. Russia complains that the incoming Biden government is “deeply hostile” and that bilateral relations are going from “bad to worse”. And at the end of the year, the US economy also came to an end.






At a year-end Shinto ritual in Japan, night owls laugh at their year-end problems, so expect some boisterous and noisy scenes. But given the pandemic this year – and boy, what a year – of course that wouldn’t be safe. Therefore, participants are asked to laugh out loud “in their minds” instead.

Merry Christmas!

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