The attacks by the Australian press on the Australian politician Lidia Thorpe

The Australian version of the Daily Mail, which is just as reactionary as its UK counterpart, has published a typically exaggerated report attacking the Australian Greens politician Lidia Thorpe. The reason for his outrage? The Aboriginal activist’s decision to take her seat under federal Australian law.

An incoming Senator who does not identify as Australian has been beaten up for tracing and declaring she will swear allegiance to the Queen for a salary of $ 211,250.

Lidia Thorpe, who have their place in [regional] The 2018 Victorian election after just one year as a member of parliament was elected by the Green Party to replace former chairman Richard Di Natale in the Bundestag in August.

She defeated prominent Queen’s attorney Julian Burnside in a Green vote to fill a vacancy as Senator for Victoria.

Ms. Thorpe has beaten back her critics who accused her of hypocrisy, pointing out that white politicians who preferred a republic to a constitutional monarchy, such as former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, were not unfairly classified as hypocrites for loyalty to the Queen swear.

“I don’t identify as an Australian. It’s a concept that’s been imposed on our people since we were invaded, ”she said of the Almost Australian documentary that aired on ABC last month.

“I swore allegiance to the Queen when I became MP for Northcote and I will do it again in Canberra in August,” she said.

Michael Atkinson, a former Labor Attorney General of South Australia, suggested following the example of British MPs from Northern Ireland who refuse to swear allegiance to the Queen because they are from the Irish Republican political party, Sinn Fein, and theirs Option denied in the House of Commons.

“A fundamental path for the new Senator for the Victorian Greens, Lidia Thorpe, is to, like Sinn Fein, refuse to take the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty and abstain from the Chamber,” he tweeted.

Former liberal power broker Michael Kroger suggested swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen after declaring she had not identified herself as an Australian, which would make Thorpe a hypocrite.

“The Greens say they are true to their principles. That’s what the Greens are based on, that crazy, crazy kind of cavemen and women who see the world,” he told Sky News.

As can be seen even from the brief excerpts above, the repetitive article is filled with prejudice about dog whistles which is one such characteristic of Australian society in relation to its indigenous peoples. And the use of terms such as “caveman and woman” in a commentary on an Aboriginal Green representative is deaf to say the least. But as the independent journalist magazine Crikey points out, these attacks appear to be part of a coordinated media campaign against Thorpe.

… Last week, The Herald Sun reported that the Greens new Senator Lidia Thorpe had said a new name might be considered for Victoria:

“Anything named after someone who did harm or murdered people, we should write their name down,” she said.

Unless, as Thorpe pointed out, this was not a bold platform on which she persuaded freedom-hating Greenies in the left-wing feelocracy in Victoria to choose her to replace Richard Di Natale.

She’d just been called by Herald Sun reporters and asked for her opinion.

Even so, the article, based on Thorpe’s obvious suggestion, allowed state Labor and Liberal leaders to talk about it as they had never heard such a stupid idea.

Of course, none of this will be unknown to anyone who has read our ongoing “Holy War” series. As soon as News Corp discovers an ideological enemy, there is no development, no angle left unexplored. And as this example shows, it penetrates the rest of the media until it is considered an actual national discourse.

Thorpe is an Indigenous Victoria woman who represents the Greens, a combination of words that make News Corp editors wake up screaming after her worst sleep paralysis. So don’t expect this to be the last.

The political situation in Australia is very different from that of Britain’s legacy colony on that island, and the Australian Greens are neither Sinn Féin nor the SDLP. In addition, when Lidia Thorpe entered the regional Victorian legislative assembly in 2017, Lidia Thorpe not only swore a legally required oath of allegiance to the UK Head of State, but is also legally required to do so again in order to rejoin the Canberra Federal Senate. This press-generated excitement is believed to have very little to do with the Gunnai Gunditjmara activist’s politics and anything to do with her identity.

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