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Wait a minute! Should you recycle this Christmas packaging?

Recycling is a good thing … as long as it’s done right. Done wrong, you will contaminate what your local trash system sends for recycling and potentially receive a lot more than your rejected items. Christmas is a big time for some recycling problems as gift wrap can generate a lot that we want to recycle. We just have to throw away many of them, as it turns out.

You can’t recycle glittery, metallic, or flocked wrapping paper. Do not do it. But simple wrapping paper, even with some duct tape, is fine. A tip from the BBC: “Try to compress the paper into a ball. If it stays wrinkled and wrinkled, it can likely be recycled. ”

However, when buying gift wrapping paper, you can look for the recyclable material. Bonus points when it comes to paper made from recycled content.

You cannot recycle sheets. You cannot recycle tapes.

In other words, you can’t put sheets or ribbons, or glittery or metallic paper in your trash. What you can do is reuse them. Last year’s big gift wrapping can be shortened a little to be the wrapping of this year’s medium gift wrapping. Paper that wrapped a book last year may be the easiest way to wrap a book this year. The sheet, which is not quite as sticky as last year, can still be masked this year. And so on.

Christmas creates a lot of extra waste every year. It’s not difficult to do a little to change that. Start reducing and reusing. However, when you start recycling, make sure you are doing no more harm than good by putting something in the blue container.

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