Bosch releases a new version of Intelligent Insights that supports safe social distancing

The latest version of “Intelligent Insights” from Bosch offers a software widget update that supports safe social distancing. Intelligent Insights is an “AIoT” video software solution that combines the connectivity of physical products with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and enables customers to make predictions based on live and historical data. Intelligent Insights uses data from Bosch video cameras with integrated AI and pulls it into a single dashboard to make informed decisions before a potential situation occurs.

Social distancing

One of the most notable changes caused by the current pandemic is social distancing. Maintaining a precise distance and adhering to a maximum passenger threshold in collection areas such as workplaces, shopping malls and train stations is critical to minimizing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Given the challenges this situation poses, Intelligent Insights is supporting social distancing regulations with its latest software widget update.

The new traffic light widget for the fill level of the area offers an intuitive graphical interface that allows users to comply with social distancing regulations. The widget shows the current and maximum number of people who are allowed in a given area at any given time. Three different states – normal, serious and critical – are shown as green, yellow or red together with the corresponding information text, so that the user immediately knows when to take action.

Users can live stream the traffic light widget for the fill level of the area on a monitor at the entrance of a supermarket or grocery store, for example to inform customers whether they are allowed to enter the store. When a threshold is reached, the widget can activate and trigger a connected device that notifies visitors with a public announcement, a simple warning, or a message displayed on a monitor.

From the scene to the screen

Intelligent Insights uses the built-in AI of Bosch cameras to interpret video images and capture camera metadata from situations where objects are moving, people are counted and crowds are recognized. The software tool collects, aggregates and displays this information using a number of predefined widgets that allow users to visualize and evaluate a complete scene on a simple overview screen. The dashboard allows users to quickly understand what they are seeing. This helps them react before a potential situation arises and delivers business intelligence that goes beyond security. Intelligent Insights provides a reporting function for detailed post-analysis and for adapting and changing future actions.

Complete situational awareness to predict different situations

Intelligent Insights includes a number of intuitive dashboard widgets that allow users to evaluate a complete scene to ensure safety and well-being in various applications. Depending on the application, users can choose the widgets they need to provide the information they need to predict unwanted situations or uncover new opportunities.

• Area filling level, occupancy counting and mass detection offer the possibility of precisely monitoring and recognizing crowds as well as counting people and objects. The user can specify the desired occupancy rate of an area by determining the maximum number of people who are allowed to be in this area within a certain time.

• Intelligent Insights also provides object counting and people counting to accurately count objects or people, e.g. B. when entering or leaving a building. These widgets help to identify peak and low times on specific days or over a longer period of time. Intelligent Insights only uses anonymous data from cameras to ensure that people’s privacy is protected at all times.

• With the object positioning widget, users can get a real-time overview of all objects that are moving in a certain area. Based on their GPS position, which can be determined by cameras with integrated AI, the objects are recorded on a map and classified with symbols. Intelligent Insights, an AIoT video software solution from Bosch, supports social distancing regulations, helps customers react before a potential situation occurs, and delivers business intelligence that goes beyond security. Intelligent Insights is not only a powerful stand-alone software package, but is also designed for seamless integration with other software solutions such as the Bosch video management system (BVMS).

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