It can end

At the tail of the coo,
I am repeating all the good things others have said about themselves.

Here is a thought I made up earlier.
As we all know, the next year will be seven years since 2014. As stated in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 (NI), our cousins ​​above the water, if they so choose, can hold a referendum by a majority in any space of time for the reunification of N and S.

I always hope that Ms. Sturgeon has this in mind and that at some point she will bring us something good about the goose, etc.
Although I don’t have too high hopes.

I, STILL, and my wife is sick of hearing me say, can’t imagine how she or Murrel or both could come up with this conspiracy to try to destroy Mr. Salmond by making up her phony conspiracy AND her everyone gets helpers, certainly with consequences for their CS careers, if what it has exploded in their faces.
And who could be this mysterious third party who attended some of those meetings with the Sobinn Wimen mentioned in minutes?

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