Johnson Controls announces the integration of Kantech EntraPass with StoneLock GO

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December 24, 202016

Johnson Controls announces integration with Tyco Kantech EntraPass and StoneLock GO to enable “faceless” opt-in detection. This is supposed to protect the users by protecting their privacy without the use of photos and no longer having to physically touch the reader.

Kantech EntraPass and StoneLock GO

The combination of StoneLock GO with the security management software Kantech EntraPass offers a completely contactless, universally compatible technology – regardless of gender, race or age – that is easy to deploy and significantly reduces operational costs. This integration meets even the strictest security protocols and helps mitigate threats from vulnerabilities such as weak PINs, code sharing and surface contamination risks.

While an access card or password is prone to theft or cloning, StoneLock GO offers unparalleled anti-spoofing and a world-class false acceptance rate. This authentication method ensures that the person accessing facilities has been granted authorization.

Using state-of-the-art near-infrared sensors, StoneLock GO readers scan and save unique templates from registered users that are recognizable outside the StoneLock system. Integration with EntraPass provides a perfect solution for high security access control that requires reliable identity verification of user access.

This specially designed integration offers biometric rejections and other events natively available in EntraPass, such as: B. forced door openings, better situational awareness and a holistic report of what is happening at the door.

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