Mr. Watt lights it up

Even if you hate the NFL and its corporate stupidity awakened, you must love JJ Watt. While the malleable individuals who run the NFL have the backbone of an overripe banana, Watt is a man of character. He has proven it in various contexts. Yesterday he showed it in comments addressed to his below average teammates.

I love to watch professional teams blow it out. As a long-time Viking fan, I had some special opportunities this year. Players at the short end of the racket have the opportunity to show their true character. Do you keep playing with what you have to give or do you make a business decision to wrap it up? Mr. Watt calls on the former to those whom he believes will persecute the latter.

That’s why we love @JJWatt

📹: Houston Texans

– Joe Gleason (@joeagleason) December 27, 2020

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