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The recent survey of teachers about the teaching conditions of COVID-19 is cause for concern

With politicians pushing schools to open in person without sending them the money they need to do so, more than half of teachers feel uncomfortable about their district’s health and safety precautions during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent report. That isn’t the only worrying finding in Horace Mann Educators Corporation’s survey of 1,240 K-12 teachers across the country.

More than one in four teachers is considering early retirement, taking leave of absence or otherwise leaving their job. Your reasons for being unhappy at work aren’t limited to just concerns about health and safety – although fear for your life tends to sour a person at work.

Three in four teachers said they work more now than they did a year ago, and 60% enjoy their work less. This pandemic – and the way each level of government mistreated education during the pandemic – could see many experienced teachers dropping out of classes in the short term or in a few years if they don’t recover from their burnout and feeling how little they can be appreciated.

41% of the teachers surveyed said they teach in-person, 27% teach online, and 32% are in hybrid arrangements.

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