How our post made Jake Tapper cry

Yesterday, Fred T. published an article on CNN’s Jake Tapper telling Brian Stelter that he would never interview White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany because she lies about how other people breathe. It was absolutely ridiculous, especially given the history of liars Jake Tapper likes to interview, which Fred T. stated in his post.

This morning his post caught the attention of the big one, who retweeted him with his own thoughts:

Helter Stelter, Fake Tapper et al. Destroyed their reputation forever. CNN has been completely exposed by Project Veritas and the insane abuse of their on-air Democrat every day. Http://t.co/KPk28K5QEJ

– Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 28, 2020

A little later, President Trump retweeted Mark Levin’s tweet about our post:

This presidential retweet caught Fake Tapper’s attention and he started crying about it on Twitter:

The American people are suffering from the deadliest month of the pandemic and the president is tweeting nasty tweets about me.

👏 Nice work everyone 👏 pic.twitter.com/lYwooEFAEe

– Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 28, 2020

Medium tweets! Maybe Fake Jake can read this “mean tweet” the next time he pretends to be a real journalist on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

I was wondering if Fake Jake tagged this himself, by the way. You can tell by the way he put that arrow over Levin’s face that he got caught up in a big scream over Levin’s ‘mean tweet’ about him. Hahahaha!

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