Schola Gladiatoria: The magnificent Chu Jian, a modern replica of an ancient Chinese sword

Some regular readers may be aware of my interest in prehistoric and medieval wars, particularly during the late Roman and Byzantine periods and of course Ireland’s Bronze and Iron Ages and the transition to the early centuries of recorded history. Aside from researching and comparing military traditions in antiquity, such as the socio-economic phenomenon of our own Féinnithe, I have a particular fascination with military equipment, especially body armor and swords. The following two videos were recently released by Schola Gladiatoria, a weapons-focused channel on YouTube, and show an examination of a fantastic historical replica of a Chinese sword type from the 1st millennium BC. The company LK Chen Swords, which they called “Magnificent” Chu Jian ”. I am very tempted to buy one. To the point I’ll probably try as I don’t own any non-European military replicas from prehistoric times.

For those of you who find such historical obsessions puzzling, and I get it, watch the videos and see if moderator Matt Easton’s enthusiasm could convince you.

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