You know what the problem is …

Tue, December 29, 2020 | By John Schroeder

By now anyone who wants to look around has seen the NYT story in which Fauci admits moving the goalposts on herd immunity / vaccine penetration based on “his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks “. I’ve been sitting on this story for days, waiting to cool off. The sheer arrogance is amazing and the temptation to just start naming is extreme. But two stories today put things in a new light.

The first story comes from the BBC and calls for even stricter restrictions in this already massively restricted nation. To be honest, the whole time I felt like Britain was getting what it deserved. They have fully socialized medicine there and suffer from a severe lack of medical capacity at the best of times. Something like a pandemic had to stretch this system to the point of rupture. But even then, there is a tone in the whole thing that raises my eyebrows.

But the story that really got me inside was one in the LATimes this morning about the new LA County’s policy of requiring a 10-day quarantine when you leave the county. So, if you’re a heating repairman in South County and you get a call in North Orange County and answer the call, you technically have to shut down your business for ten days after you made the call. If you live in LA County and your grandchildren are in San Diego and driving downstairs for the day to wish them a Merry Christmas (even socially distant and masked) – stay home ten days. Now remember that these guidelines are telling you not to even go to the grocery store to get someone to do the marketing for you. The good news is that there is absolutely no enforcement mechanism for this – it’s the honor system.

There is a thread that connects these three stories and presents the new insight. Each of them implies a public view as somehow the problem. The problem isn’t the illness or a lack of hospital capacity or staff or something. Each of them implies that the problem here is that all of these people are somehow getting in the way of efforts to control the disease.

It appears that the disease is now completely under control and our office has given it that control. They stopped serving the public and started serving only Covid. They have completely lost sight of why they have these jobs.

All I can say is that I’m not the problem here.

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