Proud boys get deplatformed. Literally.

Shame works, all of you. After a number of recent articles drew attention to a DC bar and hotel that has become a hangout for the Proud Boys and various pro-Trump riff raffles, the hotel has announced that it will be there during the scheduled rally next week is closed to disrupt the certification of The Choice.

Here is the notice posted on the Harrington Hotel website today.

Washington, DC has been our home for 106 years and we work with all of our guests, visitors, employees and neighbors to share our concern and desire for the health and safety of all. We greatly appreciate the trust our guests have placed in the Harrington Hotel over the years and we want to continue to earn that trust.

While we cannot control what happens outside of the hotel, we take additional steps to ensure the safety of our visitors, guests, and employees.

The Harrington Hotel will be closed on January 4th, 5th and 6th. We will not accept guests except for our long term residents who call our hotel home. Refunds will be issued for all prepaid reservations. Notifications will be sent to all reservation holders starting today.

The earth heals.

On December 12th, Trump’s supporters gathered in the capital to complain about living in a democracy in which her husband was not allowed to “win” despite 7 million fewer votes. That evening, as pro and anti-Trump forces clashed in the streets, four people – including at least one member of the Proud Boys – were stabbed to death near Harry’s Bar, which is in the basement of the Harrington Hotel.

Here’s how the Washington Post reported the incident on December 13th:

Police said in a statement that [alleged perpetrator Phillip] Johnson got into an argument with someone that escalated. Based on a video, the police report said Johnson pulled out a knife after being pushed into the back. The report says that another person repeatedly pulled on Johnson’s mask. At this point, one of the victims and another person hit Johnson in the head several times.

That day, Washingtonian got the ball rolling with a piece called “What Is the Deal With Harry’s Bar?” The restaurant on the ground floor of the historic Harrington Hotel was a home for the low-rent MAGA folks who can’t afford the expensive drinks or rooms at the nearby Trump Hotel. The bar had been fined $ 2,000 for two separate breaches of COVID restrictions on a weekend in November when the Proud Boys set up camp there and violated the mask and crowd rules.

“For us, it’s more of an after-hours location. According to Trump [hotel] When we close, we usually end up there when we have a late night, “Trump Weenus Harlan Hill told reporter Jessica Sidman in November.” You will see familiar faces: other people who make Fox, some Congressmen, but it’s not as common as in Trump. “

Hill, who threatened to open a can of Whoopass on Philadelphia after Trump lost Pennsylvania, was actually banned from Fox in November after calling Vice President-elect Kamala Harris an “unbearable lying bitch”. Besides, he looks like this.

. @ Harlan: “Democrats are more invested in the president’s failures than in the leadership and legislation of … https://t.co/YJBI6nPTqK

– FOX Business (@FOX Business) 1517589936.0

Politico dug into a piece on December 14th describing Harry’s Bar as “some kind of all-purpose MAGA Mecca, a place where Trump’s devotees from across the country can gather during their occasional pilgrimages to the capital” . They didn’t exactly describe the clientele as a group of inbred hicks from the backcountry who had huddled in town on a cheap dive and were ready to sell them $ 6 Budweiser and crash them for $ 100 a night – but they did NOT do it either, don’t say it.

In the twilight hours of the first Million MAGA March on November 14th, the bravery of the Proud Boys could be seen at Harry’s. Groups of sinister men in tactical vests frolicked, ate popcorn, drank jugs of beer, and exchanged war stories from past rallies. The crowd poured out onto the outside patio, where a vendor was selling American flags and Trump frills from the back of a trailer. Many wore MAGA hats. Few wore masks. At some point, a group gathered on the street in front of Harrys to unfold a massive “Thin Blue Line” flag with “TRUMP” emblazoned in oversized block letters on the top. A handful of proud boys ran under the flag as their guides sent waves across the surface like toddlers in some sort of beer-soaked jamboree.


Then, yesterday, the Post drew national attention to the establishment in a piece describing a large crowd of exposed proud boys. “[w]Until late into the night of December 12th, they heard their signature black and gold colors while they “drank openly and sang on the street in front of the hotel.” They also managed to get group leader Enrique Tarrio on file, admitting that he was involved in ripping up Black’s living Matter-Banner from local churches and burning them outside the hotel on the evening of the protest.

That seems to have done the trick, at least for the Hotel Harrington, that issued the statement that it will be closed during next week’s scheduled protests. Harry’s Bar, which rents space from the hotel and operates separately, is right in front of the eyes of the neighbors and the local government.

“I am upset and concerned about the violence that white supremacists have committed in our town and Ward 2 over the weekend and last month,” DC Councilor Brooke Pinto, D, who represents the bar department, told the Post . “Harry’s disregard for public health advice, as these hate groups have gathered in their home without a mask or social distance before taking to the streets and further endangering the health and safety of the residents of the district, is absolutely unacceptable.”

In the meantime, all Proud Boys who have booked rooms at Harrington for next week’s “Stop the Steal” rally are unlucky. Chances are, they’ll have to go over $ 3,600 a night to stay at the Trump Hotel, which, according to Mediaite, has just raised prices on that dates. Or these fine guys can come back in the week of the inauguration, since Trump’s garbage palace has just “unlocked” this data.

Because who doesn’t love a good wake, Amirite?

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