The change from LOCKEN to ISEO strengthens the group strategy

ISEO, the Italian specialist in locking and access control systems, has the opportunity to strengthen its position in all segments of the access control market, as the complete takeover of LOCKEN this year shows.

With multisite companies, transportation, energy, water, telecommunications, banking and local government attracted by their philosophy of “increasing customer business performance”, LOCKEN has held a leading position in European markets for the past 17 years obtained for access control.

For its part, ISEO has grown steadily, which has enabled the family-run company to set up branches in 70 countries since it was founded in 1969. After gaining a solid reputation for its cylinders, locks, and anti-panic bars, which it marketed through a distribution network, the company made a major change of direction by introducing electronic access control systems. ISEO gained an initial interest in LOCKEN in 2017 and the move of the company to the group already leads to an even more dominant position in the market.

Comprehensive and improved ISEO solutions

“Thanks to our internal development,” explains Roberto Gaspari, CEO of ISEO, “we are now able to bring a wide range of solutions to the market, from mechanical locks to sophisticated access control systems. Of course, LOCKEN’s high-tech solutions are a perfect match for the ISEO range, including a latest generation electronic key based on contactless technology. In addition, LOCKEN’s project-oriented approach to developing global end-user solutions will bring real synergies and invaluable support to distributors and installers who are already working with ISEO. We can provide a real ecosystem that includes software, expertise and products. By merging the LOCKEN and ISEO teams into a single field service, our customers have access to a more extensive range. “

Roberto Gaspari

Three questions for Roberto Gaspari, CEO of ISEO

What are the main advantages of LOCKEN as part of the ISEO Group?

ISEO, an expert in locks and locking systems, achieved sales of 144 million euros in 2019. Its products are sold on all continents through 15 subsidiaries. The full integration with LOCKEN is the culmination of an approach that we introduced a few years ago with the aim of synergizing our capabilities. While lSEO focuses on the sale of safety equipment through its distribution network, LOCKEN offers personalized solutions, which are often bundled in projects. This includes giving direct advice to users or contractors to make the best possible recommendations. By combining both business models, the ISEO Group can offer a comprehensive range of solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of the market.

How do you see the cooperation between ISEO and LOCKEN?

We will target both the solution market and the equipment sales market. We believe that the market demands these two approaches and that a collaborative organizational structure will more effectively meet these two complementary requirements. We have a strong focus on putting ISEO on the radar of decision makers in our target markets, especially those who know us for our mechanical products but less so for the electronics sector. The expansion of the ISEO product portfolio to include LOCKEN solutions, which have built a good reputation on the market for 17 years, is a step in this direction.

How important is innovation?

Our investments in innovation account for 4 to 5% of our sales, which is a remarkable percentage in our industry. They are critical to our future success and that is why we never scaled back our commitments in this particular area during the health crisis, and they will remain high on the priority list for years to come. We recently received new patents for our mechanical cylinders and are about to launch an entirely new range of mechanical locks to serve the key markets subject to DIN (German Institute for Standardization) standards. We are also investing in electronic access control solutions and several new electronic products are about to be released.

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