The Perennial Fried Computer Open Thread

ANDit, that’s me pictured above. Two days ago, my main desktop computer suddenly went supernova. I was just about to upload the latest version of a project I was working on and both monitors flickered and then went dark. There was a kind of ominous clicking sound from the Mac Pro, and I was sitting and basically thinking, “Oh shit,” when the computer’s internal fan suddenly went VERY loud, like I had never heard it before.

Obviously not good.

So I held the power button for five seconds to force a shutdown. That worked. I waited a few minutes, hit the power button hoping to hear the happy Mac startup chime, and nothing. The power LED came on, but nothing else happened. No hard drives are spinning. Remain silent. I was robbed. He’s dead, Jim.

Yes, I tried again after waiting longer. Still dead.

Since this is a 2008 Mac Pro, good luck finding someone who can fix it for a reasonable price, but I spoke to a guy who told me that it sounds like something went wrong on the motherboard and is overheating and tripping the fan It would probably be cheaper to find a similar model on eBay.

I ended up doing that. I have one that was listed as “new” by a reputable seller, and it actually has almost double the memory and a bigger boot drive for a reasonable price. I’m pretty sure at this point that the internal hard drives in the dead Mac Pro are still fine, so I should be able to just swap them out for the replacement. Maybe it’s better in the long run, which is always nice when it happens.

This old war horse lasted 12 years so it had a good life. It was just his time to go.

In the meantime, until the new box is here, I’m using a MacBook Pro that is almost as old as the computer that croaked, and it’s amazing how many things you don’t realize you’ve installed on your main computer until it dies and you don’t have it

I’ve been doing this all day. What’s wrong with you?

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