Top Ten Stories of 2020 # 6: Colorado is a solid blue state

Happy Cory Gardner and Sorry Cory Gardner. With these two images, you can show Colorado’s shift from a swing state in 2014 to a solid blue state in 2020:

Colorado was hit by a massive blue wave in 2018 that gave the Democrats all four top state offices (governor, attorney general, state treasurer, and secretary of state) as well as control of both houses of state lawmakers. democrat Jared Polis Cruise to an 11 point win over Republicans Walker Stapleton in the running for the governor. At the federal level, a democrat Jason Crow’s The win in CO-06 gave the Democrats the keys to four of Colorado’s seven congressional districts.

In 2020, the Democrats solidified their edge with the Democrats in Colorado John Hickenlooper Snapping Gardner’s Senate seat by nearly 10 points. Democrats even managed to get a seat in the Senate while retaining a solid majority in the State House.

In the race for the president, the democrat Joe Biden easy to defeat President Trump by almost 14 points, which was a massive step up from Democrat Hillary Clintons 5 point victory in 2016. Consider this: Colorado was a swing state for president in 2008 and 2012 (sorta). In 2020, none of the big party candidates for president bothered to visit our state in the six months leading up to election day.

Republicans in Colorado have fallen hard since Gardner defeated the incumbent Democratic senator. Mark Udall in 2014 by a narrow margin of 47-45. The numbers are staggering: Hickenlooper added 786,911 votes to Udall’s 2014 total, while Gardner’s vote only rose by 445,601. Democrats now have such an advantage in Colorado that Hickenlooper would still have beaten Gardner if we hadn’t counted the votes from Denver, the most populated area in the state and always a reliably blue county.

Republicans aren’t just losing in Colorado – they’re not even competitive anymore. In fact, Republicans are so buried in our state that it is difficult to come up with plausible names for top ticket races in 2022.

The 2020 election showed that the 2018 democratic wave in Colorado was no accident. We are now a blue state and there is no way to argue otherwise.

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