The Hidden Hand: Official Sinn Féin – The Labor Party and Irish Journalism

Village Magazine, which in recent years has gained a reputation for shedding light on some of the darker corners of Ireland’s recent history, particularly the military and political aftermath of the problems from 1966 to 2005, has another look at the now well documented – if also rarely discussed – relationship between the official republican movement (the official IRA and the official Sinn Féin; the latter becomes the Labor Party) and a number of high profile figures in the Irish news media. While most of the journalists and newspaper editors frequently mentioned in these discussions have managed to obscure their previous associations through peer pressure or legal threats, too much is known to be buried forever. Although much of the Irish press is complicit in keeping it that way.

There is a three-part series by David Burke on the Village Magazine website that examines events in the 1970s and 1980s and the alleged relationship between senior journalists and the official Republican movement. I will not refer to the stories directly as there is speculation that the research could become the subject of litigation. However, since all three articles have been visible for some time, the weakness of the trial against them may seem obvious. While I do not agree with every conclusion in the plays and have my own interpretations, I urge you to find them in order to find fascinating the alleged loyalties of some of the influential people in Irish journalism in the last decades of the 20th century Way to spread. And as a reminder of the personal hypocrisy of some radical reactionary newspaper columnists and writers who still conduct their politically dubious trade in Ireland and Britain.

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