Facebook to improve security features in 2021

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January 1, 202117th

According to Reuters, Facebook recently announced that users will be able to set up physical security keys to log into the app in 2021.

In this case, users buy physical keys from retailers – be it in person or through trusted online vendors – and register them with Facebook before verifying their identities and signing in.

Although the security initiative is being set up specifically for high profile accounts, it is expected that the physical keys will be available to every user in 2021.

Along with that announcement, the California-based company has also claimed that various types of accounts will be added to its Facebook Protect program in the New Year. The program is currently used by government officials and politicians as it offers additional security factors such as threat monitoring and two-factor authentication.

According to other details released by Axios, the program, which is currently only available in the US, could also be expanded to countries preparing for elections with human rights activists and journalists to be added to Facebook Protect.

More information about these physical keys, as well as expansion plans for the Facebook Protect program, are expected to be announced by the company in 2021.

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