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Happy Liberation 2020! Are you doing something special to see this sad year free and ring the bell in 2021?

If you are reading this, I would first like to congratulate you on making it by 2020. According to University of Vermont data scientists who examined social media data from 2008, this year was actually the worst in 12 years. I’m not going to warm up all the reasons why, because we all still live it in real time, but I want to know: what are you doing to kick off this year and usher in what we hope is a brighter 2021?

In our house we traditionally had a New Year’s Eve party with delicious treats, a large amount and a lot of joy. Obviously, that’s on break this year. We’re going to have a masked board game night with a couple who were in isolation all December.

We enjoy a lasagna with fresh pasta sheets, Ina Gartens Outrageous Garlic Bread and Samin Nosrat’s Caesar salad made from salt, fat, acid, heat.

I’ll even wear jeans, or as we call them now, hard pants.

I had serious doubts we’d make it by midnight, but we decided to break it up so we could see free once and for all this year.

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I thought about a sage cremation ceremony, but I’ll leave that to the indigenous people. I am not sending 2020 with cultural appropriation! But I think this requires some kind of purification ceremony. We are pondering a “burning bowl” in which you write down the worst of 2020 and burn it once and for all and leave it behind. Unity has more information about burning bowls and the concept of using them to let go. Will this do something to ease the pain and anxiety of 2020? Maybe not, but it certainly can’t hurt.

That’s our plan for tonight. Do you stay home in your pajamas? Can you manage to usher in a hopefully brighter year by midnight?

We’ll start again tomorrow. And I hope for a brighter day

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