Happy New Year and a big thank you

On March 23rd, eleven weeks from now, PB celebrates its 17th birthday, making it the UK’s longest-running political blog.

On this day at the start of the New Year, I’d like to thank everyone who made PB the site it is. For my son Robert, whose idea it was at all and who continues to manage the technical side of PB; to TSE for all the support he has given me and which he continues to hold as a deputy, and to David Herdson, Alastair Meeks and CycleFree for regularly giving us their often unique insights into their contributions. In addition, there is a growing group of less frequent postal workers.

Then there are the thousands or more who regularly contribute to our discussion forums. This is still a place where people from across the spectrum of political beliefs feel comfortable making a contribution.

In addition, there are tens of thousands who visit PB regularly without posting any comments. Yesterday we launched an appeal to keep the website running and to allow us to be ad-free. It is noteworthy that many of the donors are people I do not know.

Thank you everyone and play it safe.

Mike Smithson

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