A pastor’s misguided attack on Israel

What would our nation look like if every American – of any background and ethnicity – woke up every day convinced that they are 100% responsible for the circumstances of their lives?

No guilt, no sacrifice, no excuses to say that what happens to you is thanks to someone else.

I think it touches the heart of Christianity.

At any given point in time, you may not have any control over what is outside of you. But you are in control of what is inside of you. Change the inside first, and then change the outside.

We believe in a loving God who wants us to take responsibility and when there is failure there is forgiveness and another chance.

Too many in our country are paying a heavy price by listening to politicians on the left tell them otherwise.

Consider Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, who is now running as a Democrat in one of the two runoff elections to the US Senate in Georgia.

Warnock, who is black, is a figurehead of the left that believes the world is unfair and controlled by racists and exploiters.

And for some reason, like so many of these viewpoints, Warnock chooses to view Israel, the model of success through personal responsibility, as a problem rather than a solution.

Only last year after visiting Israel did he put his signature on a group’s pilgrimage declaration to Israel and Palestine.

This declaration identifies Israel as an “oppressive” regime, accuses Israel of segregation, speaks of militarization, which is “reminiscent of the military occupation of Namibia by apartheid in South Africa” ​​and of “excessive use of force” by Israel in Gaza.

These total distortions of the truth in the service of a left political agenda should be a wake-up call.

Regarding the reality of Israel, we can turn to the non-partisan organization Freedom House in Washington, DC, which annually rates 210 nations around the world as “free”, “partially free” or “not free”.

Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that is classified as “free”.

But Warnock and his colleagues ignore the oppression across the region and only attack the one country that is free.

This freedom is enjoyed not only by the Jewish citizens of Israel, but also by the country’s nearly 2 million Arab citizens. On my first visit to Israel, I noticed the amazing diversity of Jews from around the world – white, brown, and black.

Regarding the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where Palestinian Arabs live, it is their own choice that they have no freedom and prosperity. They control their future, not Israel. Instead of building better lives for their citizens, they choose regimes that prioritize the destruction of Israel.

For example, in 2005 Israel unilaterally withdrew its presence from Gaza. The Palestinian regime there was free to begin building a nation. Instead of doing this, it began to launch rockets at Israel. The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority announced: “We say to the whole world: Gaza today and Jerusalem tomorrow.”

Israeli settlers displaced when Israel withdrew moved inland, began irrigating the desert with desalinated water, and exported organic potatoes, carrots and peppers worth $ 50 million a year over five years.

I wrote about it at the time, quoting the late Art Linkletter, the television personality, and the outspoken Christian who remarked, “Things go best for people who make the most of the way things work.”

I said at the time that Linkletter’s observation captured why Israel grew and prospered and why Palestinians weakened.

This also applies to America.

Let’s choose freedom and personal responsibility at Christmas time.


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