All vegetarians are Nazis

With 2020 being the greatest year in history, Ruth Davidson opened her contribution to Holyrood’s debate on the Brexit deal today with a detailed quote on this website.

Because hey, why NOT, right?

We thought we’d keep it for posterity and lolz, because we’re not in the least ashamed of it. Human existence is almost never black and white. Sometimes people who despise you can be right about things, sometimes people you respect can be wrong about things, and if you lack the maturity to deal with it, the shame is yours.

(There is no better example than this living embodiment of the 2020 madness, the transdebate. No one with a left-wing belief wants to be on the same side as Piers Morgan and on the other side of Billy Bragg, but if one of them is right and one is on the other of them they are wrong, then these are the breaks. If your ideology is based on personalities rather than facts, then you are a drooling idiot and please don’t read our website.)

Some of the usual suspects have, of course, leaped for joy at the quote, as if it were some sort of smoking weapon, a position about as intellectually reasonable as saying that all vegetarians must be genocidal anti-Semites because Hitler was one or boycotted Maltese for finding out that Jimmy Savile really liked them.

(That includes some people who are just jealous of a site someone is reading.)

But the bottom line is that Davidson was right because she cited a source that was correct. Today the SNP gave away an idiotic and unnecessary own goal and resisted a deal, of which only 10% Stay a voter wanted to oppose it, and by effectively voting no-deal they made themselves look almost as stupid and cynical and unprincipled as Labor, who voted hilariously on opposite sides at Westminster and Holyrood.

If Ruth Davidson – a passionate and active remainer, we recall – has the basic spirit to see this, and Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t, then the truth is that this is far worse on Nicola Sturgeon (and the pathetic pygmies who socialize about it snore) reflects media as a substitute for anyone who ever cares about something they say) as Ruth Davidson or Wings Over Scotland.

We just shrug our shoulders and roll it back to 2020. We fear that crazy things as Ruth Davidson, which for once make sense, are lurking just over the horizon.

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