Heartbeat moment dog rescues older blind sister from drowning in pool

This is when a family dog ​​saved its older sister from drowning after falling into a swimming pool.

The clip shows Luna, a 14-year-old blind pit bull, who takes a walk in the immediate vicinity of the pool on December 19, before falling in and finally being rescued by her pooch Caipirinha.

Dog owner Julieta Firpo shared the CCTV footage captured in the garden of her home in the Argentine city of Sunchales, praising Caipirinha for saving Luna’s life.

Next to the post she wrote: “Yesterday, when she went through the terrace, she fell into the pool.”

The footage shows Caipirinha saving her older pal Luna from drowning

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She added that Luna “had started getting lost” and was disoriented in the days leading up to the terrible accident.

The incredible footage shows Caipirinha immediately running to the pool to be by his sister’s side and come up with a plan.

Caipirinha tries to save her sibling by lowering his paw into the water and grabbing Luna’s collar.

He later managed to secure the desperate dog before leading her to the shallow end of the swimming pool, which is in the family garden.

14-year-old Luna is completely blind and fell into the pool while walking near the edge

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Fortunately, Luna, who is completely blind, was assisted with the steps of the swimming pool before she got out and rested after the exhausting ordeal.

Rescued by Julieta, hero Caipirinha immediately developed a close relationship with Luna after he was introduced to the family during a trip to Brazil.

The dog owner who referred to Caipirinha as “our heroine” told the Argentine news agency Todo Nocitas that Luna’s mother Syrah, 15, is also blind and has a close friendship with Caipirinha.

She said: “The two are inseparable. Luna is a pit bull who is very old, her mother Syrah is 15 years old and also lives with us.”

Luna became part of the Firpo family after her previous owners tossed her out of a car window at a Brazilian gas station.

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