After pet shops and Labor cowardice, the destroyers of the Corkman pub finally stand in front of the prison

It’s been rare luck in a year of misery – but the Corkman destroyers on trial will not bring back what’s gone, and it won’t obliterate Labor’s cowardice.

Location of the destroyed Corkman Pub (Image Tracey Nearmy / AAP)

The sad, absurd and very typical story of the Corkman Pub comes to an end as the year progresses.

In a rare stroke of luck, the destroyers who illegally demolished it were actually given jail sentences – a month for contempt – while plans were announced for the soulless new tower on the Carlton grounds.

They will make millions out of this tower. Readers will remember the Corkman or the Carlton Inn as it was known until recent years, as a pub from the 1850s that was illegally demolished on a Saturday in 2016 by Raman Shaqiri and Stefce Kutlesovski.

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