Most read stories of 2020

Our articles were read over 61 million times in 2020, and these seven stories were the most read:

# 1 SS Nazi Uniform Shame of Piers Morgan

No doubt this will be a bittersweet win for Piers. It was number one because it was suppressed, follow-ups didn’t appear in News UK because he’s a protected man there, it didn’t appear in Associated because he’s a columnist for the Daily Mail and it The Daily Mirror didn’t run because he’s a retired editor. If this was the only place to see the picture of Britain’s greatest hypocrite, it was always popular.

# 2 Campbell introduces himself blocking social distancing rules

Another selfish character who will secretly be happy to have a map made. It will make him feel like he is still relevant.

# 3 Panorama PSA investigation was a partisan mission

In an exclusivity that led to the intervention of the Secretary of Culture and condemned by the Minister of Health, the BBC finally admitted that a panoramic documentary containing evidence from communists, trade unionists and Labor Party activists without disclosing their affiliation may be just a tiny flaw could be a bit misleading.

# 4 Kay Burley’s Swanky Star Studded Sixtieth

One of Media Guido’s most instantly impactful stories from 2020. Once again we broke the story that The Sun and The Daily Mail for some reason refused to break. Media Guido reports on the stories that the media do not want to report …

# 5 Surely the guard must fall

At the height of the madness that statues must fall, The Guardian turned out to have historically been funded from the profits of the slave trade. After Guido uncovered the Guardian’s previous links to slavery amid the protests against Black Lives Matter, the Scott Trust – the owner of The Guardian – hired independent researchers to investigate the paper’s historical links to the slave trade. Guido hopes it won’t be whitewash …

# 6 Banks Spanks Electoral Commission

Good news with Arron Banks and Liz Bilney, CEOs of Leave.EU, following in the footsteps of Darren Grimes and beating the Electoral Commission in the High Court. All this nonsense about Russians? Nyet.

# 7 The message from number 10 to Biden originally congratulated Trump

Strange, incredible, yet true. This story, like so many others, was followed up in the media around the world.

You are either in front of Guido or you are behind …

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